Essential Authors

Everyone working in projects and programmes knows the frustration of being unable to access an interesting reference either because it is in an obscure journal or in another language.

‘Essential Authors’ books aim to improve access to important writers who have not written in English, not been translated or whose work is scattered in hard-to-find books and articles.

Child in the street: A concept in search of an object 
The Essential Riccardo Lucchini
Planned for 2007

Key texts selected by the author and translated by Judith Ennew, with an introduction by Harriot Beazley

Riccardo Lucchini’s seminal texts on the lives of street children in Latin America have nearly all been published in French, Spanish or Portuguese. Nevertheless, he is regarded by many scholars as making a key contribution and providing unique insights for understanding the world of the street. For the first time, the essence of his work will be available in English in this important volume.

Your people are crying: The Essential T.K. Biaya
Planned for 2007

Compiled, edited and translated by Momar Coumba Diop

The early death of the Congolese researcher T.K. Biaya in 2003 robbed the world of a unique scholar, whose work encompassed a variety of fields from youth involved in armed conflict to African cultural production. This tribute volume consists of a collection of his published and unpublished work, some appearing for the first time in print or for the first time in English.