Library and database

has a hard-copy archive of books, articles, reports and unpublished materials, dating back to 1979, relating to most countries in the world and covering many aspects of childhood, in particular:

    Child abuse
    Children’s participation and citizenship
    Children’s spirituality
    Commercial sexual exploitation of children
    Research with children
    Street and working children
    The human rights of children
    The new sociology of childhood
    Violence against children

The archive is being constantly updated on these issues and to increase information on:

    Children with disabilities
    ‘Spirit of peace’ (Convention on the Rights of the Child article 29)


This collection is currently being organized as a library in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia). Personal visitors can make arrangements to visit the collection for private study by telephoning +60 (0)379604779.

In the future this library will also be a resource available to participants in Knowing Children capacity-building activities