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Tourist Visas

Judith Ennew and Per Miljeteig
Paperback, black and white 108 pages with 27 photographs
ISBN 974-94794-8-3

Tourist visas is an encounter between verse (Judith Ennew) and photographs (Per Miljeteig). The two forms do not directly illustrate each other but reflect common perspectives on human nature and behaviour as well as on the mental and physical landscapes that people inhabit and create.

A social anthropologist by training, Judith has been an activist and researcher in areas in which children’s rights are violated for nearly 30 years. During that time she has worked in many countries, living in some for substantial periods of time. The poems in this book were all written in Bangkok, which has been her home since 2000.

With a formal background from psychology, Per has worked in national and international civil service as well as with various NGOs with issues related to the establishment and implementation of children’s rights. After retirement in 2001, he took up photography and has participated in numerous workshops with international veterans within fine arts photography. Pictures for this book were taken between 2002 and 2006, in a variety of locations worldwide, including in his own studio in Oslo.

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