About us

has a Thai Board and largely Thai staff.

Although Knowing Children is registered as a non-governmental organization in both Malaysia and Thailand , it has a global vision of policies and programmes for childen founded on rights-based, scientific information.

Three Knowing Children Thai researchers relax during a feedback workshop for research on child-protection issues after the 2004 tsunami


Stuart Aitken
Nigel Cantwell
Manfred Liebel
Riccardo Lucchini
Per Miljeteig
Martin Richards

Advisory team

Tatek Abebe Africa
Simon Baker Demography
Jonathan Blagbrough Child Workers
Kabita Chakraborty South Asia
Suki Dixon Design and Branding
Judith Ennew Programme Development
Prabir Majumdar Planning and Evaluation
Brian Milne Children's Citizenship
Posao Taveesupmai Stateless Children
Henk van Beers Capacity building
Helen Veitch Children's Participation
Andy West Rights-based Data