Essential Readings

 Publications ‘Essential Readings’ series is designed to supply anyone working with children with the fundamental building blocks for understanding specific areas in children’s rights. Essential Readings are envisaged as providing a ‘library between two covers’ on key topics, printing the basic texts for building a personal or institutional knowledge base. Each book is a valuable resource for policy makers, planners, project workers and researchers.

By bringing together readings from key works of reference and established writers, Essential Readings provide a resource that should reduce the time spent on knowledge building, as well as being reference texts to meet future information needs.

Every volume of Essential Readings is edited by experts in the field, who aim to provide a holistic view that enables readers to understand both information and debates. Brief introductory sections provide a guide through some of the issues that are often taken for granted by specialist writers. Suggestions for further readings are also included, so that readers can explore their own interests in greater depth.

Beyond ArticleBeyond article 12: Essential Readings in children’s participation

October 2006, reprinted January 2008
Edited by Henk van Beers, Antonella Invernizzi and Brian Milne

This volume presents a collection of important statements and theories, some legal information
and a few practical examples that are particularly thought-provoking.

All the materials included were written by adults for adults in attempts to tackle some of the challenges raised by children’s participation.

The editors present a systematic, non-partisan and holistic view of the topic. By providing basic material on history, theory and practice they wish to facilitate an increased understanding of the complex issue of children’s participation as well as to encourage readers to seek further information. The Readings include legal instruments, philosophy, implementation, practice, experience and the broad debate on what children’s participation should or should not be. This book will be an essential work of reference for policymakers, both in government and civil society, children and youth involved in decision-making processes, and scholars researching this topic, as well as advocates for children’s participation and professionals working with children.

“A treasure trove of ideas and information.”
Joachim Theis

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Paperback 200 pages plus bibliography, list of further reading, indexes ISBN974-93296-1-9

Selling children? Essential Readings in slavery and trafficking
Planned for 2009